RR 465: WebAuthn in Ruby with Gonzalo Rodriguez and Braulio Martinez

Episode 473 · July 28th, 2020 · 1 hr 23 mins

About this Episode

As the world becomes more security conscious, we need to think about the ways we allow people to authenticate to our applications. WebAuthn is a standard that allows you to accept biometric, device based, and other types of authentication as a second or first factor. Gonzalo and Braulio have published a gem that allows you to add webauthn to your Ruby applications and have joined the Rogues to talk through the implications of using it in your applications.


  • Charles Max Wood
  • Dave Kimura
  • John Epperson
  • Matt Smith


  • Gonzalo Rodriguez
  • Braulio Martinez


Rails Remote Conf 2020



Gonzalo Rodriguez:

Braulio Martinez:

Charles Max Wood:

Dave Kimura:

John Epperson:

Matt Smith:

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