RR 446: Development Environments

Episode 454 · January 14th, 2020 · 58 mins 37 secs

About this Episode

Today the panel is talking about their development environments and preferences. Most of them run on Macs, but they talk about other operating systems. They discuss some of the pros and cons of using Apple products. While Apple has conveniences to help you restore data, many of them have had issues with cabling and the fact that Macs are not easily extendable. They agree that the speed at which a development environment gets up and running is less about the hardware and more about how the environment is set up.

The conversation turns to which development platforms they are running. They discuss the value of Docker as a development environment. The panel compares the features of database management systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, and Postgress. David feels that getting up and running in an environment is the most important thing, but the panel challenges him to consider the maintenance required in some environments. The Ruby experts discuss the merits of using RVM and what they like about it, testing libraries they are using, and how they feel about certain gems. The tradeoffs between security and ease of use are discussed. They conclude the show by talking about the benefits of mechanical keyboards and duo vs. single monitor setups.


  • David Kimura

  • John Epperson

  • Charles Max Wood



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