RR 425: Rails + Webpacker with Taylor Jones

Episode 433 · August 13th, 2019 · 41 mins 36 secs

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  • David Kimura

  • Andrew Mason

  • Nate Hopkins

With Special Guests: Taylor Jones

Episode Summary

Taylor Jones works remotely for Heroku in technical support. He talks about some of the most common issues he helps customers with and what issues he saw when Webpacker was introduced. The panel talks about their experience using Webpacker and how it has influenced their usage of React and Ruby. They talk about the importance of creating maintainable applications and the possible effects of using primarily new technology versus tried and true methods. It is important to keep architecture consistent, so that if you have to debug something old, you still know your way around. They discuss the forward progress in the Rails community and how the need for a JavaScript framework has decreased. They discuss improvements in adding elements from other languages into your code, especially since Webpacker added a way to manage JavaScript assets to the community. They discuss the impact Webpacker has had on application maintainability. For a more sustainable app, they suggest reducing the number of gems and dependencies in your application, and over all knowing what you’re putting in your app.


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