RR 407: Functional Programming in Ruby using Dry Gems with Igor Morozov

Episode 415 · April 9th, 2019 · 51 mins 10 secs

About this Episode



  • Charles Max Wood

  • Andrew Mason

  • Nate Hopkins

  • Dave Kimura

  • Eric Berry

Joined by Special Guest: Igor Morozov


The panel interviews Igor Morozov about functional programming in ruby. Igor Morozov is a lifelong software programmer from Moscow who focuses on functional programming. The panel considers other languages to use for functional programming and the different aspects of ruby that makes it unique for object oriented programming and functional programming. Igor Morozov explains the benefits of using ruby for functional programming versus using a different language. Igor Morozov shares the dry gems that he uses in ruby that makes functional programming easy and the types of projects he is using them for. Railway oriented programming and dry ecosystems are explored while Igor Morozov answers questions about using dry-rb in ruby. The panel discusses type systems and type checking, this leads to a consideration of crystal. The episode ends with a discussion of the job market for senior developers versus training a newer developer.



Dave Kimura

Nate Hopkins

Andrew Mason

Charles Max Wood

Igor Morozov