RR 381: “Ruby GUI Development” with Saverio Miroddi

Episode 388 · September 25th, 2018 · 39 mins 13 secs

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Dave Kimura
  • Eric Berry

Special Guests: Saverio Miroddi

In this episode of Ruby Rogues, the panel talks to Saverio Miroddi who is an engineer among other things. Saverio has written articles, and a link to two of his articles is found below. The panel and Saverio talk about Ruby, Ruby Motion, Shoes, Hackety Hack, and much more! Check out the episode!

Show Topics:

2:05 – Chuck asks a question.

2:42 – Chuck: What do you recommend for the listeners?

2:49 – Saverio: At the time I recommended an underdog. Now, making a recommendation is kind of hard. It depends on what they need. It’s fascinating in a way, because web development is not straightforward. Through the choice the subject is so wide.

3:58 – Panelist: Building desktop applications the very last thin I think: I should build this in Ruby. It sounds like I am not the only person. Why would people want to build desktop apps in Ruby versus another program?

4:38 – Chuck: I was thinking the same thing.

4:59 – Saverio: Personally, I like consistency. When Ruby came out it’s meant to be very easy. It should be easy to hack a certain tool. It depends on a case basis.

6:15 – Panelist: How does Ruby shine in this respect?

6:19 – Saverio: It’s hard to say. It is a compromise with everything. That’s the case – if it is meant to be simple, keep it simple. When I wrote my app I was looking for consistency. Ruby is far from ideal and it’s compromising the project.

8:02 – Panelist: Tell us how you use it? Tell us your cases.

8:17 – Saverio dives into this topic.

9:05 – Panelist: I hate web applications online – I want it on my desktop. But it’s funny; I am the opposite when I make it. I really like the idea of Ruby being expanded beyond web application.

Panelist continues to talk about what/where/how Ruby is used or not used.

10:30 – Chuck: I like the idea of expanding to other areas, as well. Do you think there is enough momentum to get it to a new place?

11:09 – Saverio answers this question.

Saverio: To be honest, this might just be a niche. It’s being developed at a slow pace. I know a few things use Ruby, and they just want to use a few small tools, and a few frameworks.

12:38 – Panelist talks about Ruby and how it can be good for kids and beginners because of the visual component/feedback.

13:49 – Saverio: I agree.

13:59 – Chuck: I asked earlier, what would you recommend to kids to get started?

14:20 – Saverio answers the question.

16:02 – Panelist: I think I have a compromise, what about a web application that loads like a regular web page, but also has offline functionality? If you go offline it can load and sometimes work. Now you have a native application.

16:47 – Chuck adds in a comment.

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17:31 – Saverio: That would be complex, right?

17:44 – Chuck: They were headed towards desktop but never got there.

17:55 – Panelist: There is Ruby Motion.

18:41 – Chuck: We are going to have a special guest back to talk about doing Ruby Motion on the Nintendo Switch. I think it will take a lot to compile to get to the new system.

19:07 – What is your experience with building Opal?

19:17 – Saverio: I excluded those, actually.

19:50 – Panelist: Let’s talk about data and storing data?

20:04 – Saverio: Definitely.

Saverio dives into this topic...

20:28 – Chuck: Do you use Active Record?

20:32 – Saverio: No.

21:00 – Saverio: I like simplistic solutions.

21:19 – Chuck: That sounds like it wouldn’t be completely foreign for people who have done web development.

If we are more web active what will throw us off? Just in general. Your visual is different than the web. It’s different between a desktop and a web app.

22:21 – Panelist: If you are building in Ruby it can be locked down to a single thread.

22:37 – Saverio adds his thoughts.

22:59 – Panelist: Any open source projects that are gooey based application?

23:25 – Saverio: I am not aware. There are applications out there that are getting traction, though.

23:50 – Chuck asks Saverio a question.

24:01 – Saverio talks about Ruby

25:12 – Saverio is deciding on whether or not to transition to another language or not.

26:36 – Chuck: Things that are built with Shoes...Hackety Hack?

26:55 – Saverio: It is hard to write in Shoes. It’s fun for the beginner.

27:34 – Chuck: Anything else?

27:41 – Panelist: This has to do with the Gooey, and it’s Native Fire.

29:05 – Chuck chimes in.

29:26 – Panelist continues talking about this topic.

30:48 – Panelist: To make it beyond a toy, there needs to be more community support and more examples. I have been in Ruby for a while, but building applications in React and Electron is not that simple as in Ruby. I hope to see more support in open-source projects, and to take it to the next level. This is a story yet to be told.

31:52 – Panelist: My concern is it always looks like a high school project.

32:15 – Chuck: Yeah, doesn’t look completely polished.

32:19 – Saverio: Yes, when you go to a Ruby talk then...

32:50 – Chuck: Anything else?

33:04 – Saverio: I have nothing else to add.

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33:47 – Picks!