RR 333: RubyMotion and the Aesthetic of Ruby with Amir Rajan

Episode 340 · October 25th, 2017 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode


Charles Max Wood

Dave Kimura

Special Guest: 

Amir Rajan

In this episode, the Ruby Rouges speak with Amir Rajan. Amir is a game developer and is the most successful Ruby game developer. Amir is also the owner/CEO of RubyMotion. RubyMotion allows you to write Ruby for the Mac platform. Amir will be speaking at Ruby Dev Summit this fall.

Amir talks about being apart of not web part of Ruby and the innovation including mobile. The panel discusses building application for mobile in Ruby Motion and the OS platform. The panel also discusses the easy of building with RubyMotion and how the language has come along way since Mac Ruby and others. Also, how to get started and all installations required to build with RubyMotion.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Ruby - not on the web
  • Mobile Ruby
  • Google and Android don’t provide the same thing for app building.
  • Mac Ruby 
  • Language Translation compiler
  • LLVM bit code - Low-level virtual machine
  • How RubyMotion works with LLVM
  • Complier backends
  • LLVM Kaleidoscope
  • Understand one level below Ruby
  • Ruby Source code 
  • Learning RubyMotion - Red Potion, AF Motion, Bubble Wrap
  • Masonry
  • Understanding Apple’s documentation
  • Ruby Motion does Android
  • Why pick RubyMotion?
  • and much much more.





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