RR 331: 30 days to Elixir then Crystal and back again to Ruby with Fabio Akita

Episode 338 · October 10th, 2017 · 1 hr 3 mins

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Charles Max Wood

Dave Kimura

Eric Berry

Brian Hogan

Special Guest: 

Fabio Akita

The Ruby Rouges speak with Fabio Akita, a return guess. Fabio is a blogger at AkitaOnRails.com and is an organizer and speaker at Ruby Dev. Conf. Brazil. Fabio mentions have minor open source projects. Fabio talks revolve around “How do you as a Ruby Developer, dive into new languages,” such as Crystal and Elixir. Fabio will be speaking on the upcoming Ruby Dev Summit.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Should we just all just go to Elixir?
  • Problems with choosing and staying with one language?
  • Ruby is a ZPE language or 0.8 languages.
  • Ruby on Rail was never a full solution.
  • Elixir is not a difficult language, object-oriented, and functional.
  • Elixir is linked an operating system.
  • What drove you to Elixir?
  • When new languages come up to replace something you already have…
  • Crystal is a getting a stable API in a few months.
  • LLVM -  Low-Level Virtual Machine, or compiler framework
  • Copy and pasting your Ruby code into the Crystal compiler
  • Dropbox client running on python
  • Using Rabbit MQ
  • and much more.


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