RR 325: Date Night with Ruby with Ruberto Paulo

Episode 331 · August 29th, 2017 · 1 hr 20 mins

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RR 325 Date Night with Ruby with Ruberto Paulo

In this episode, panelists Dave Kimura, Eric Berry, and Charles Max Wood discuss ongoing learning and keeping your passion for programming alive with Ruberto Paulo.

[01:16] Ruberto Paulo introduction and discussion on the South African and worldwide Ruby scene

Rubyist from Cape Town, South Africa. Works for a fintech company in Cape Town. He's an organizer of RubyFuza and Ruby DCamp in South Africa.

The Ruby scene in South Africa is growing as is fintech. His company's platform was build by Platform45 and is now maintained by his employer.

Developers are also finding work in the wider world from the Cape Town area.

Is Cape Town a big Rails area? or is there a big focus on other frameworks? It's a mix, but mostly Rails.

Most of the people who live in Kenya spend 1/3 of their income charging their phones. M-pesa is their alternative to banks because they can't afford to have bank accounts. Every business in Africa has to have some kind of technology tie-in because of this.

A lot of the developers in Ruby are Polyglots. They're people who have experimented with several languages in the past. Ruby is probably the highest paid language in South Africa.

Dave Thomas spoke at RubyHACK conference that Elixir is the future. He's using Elixir for pretty much everything now. Elixir presents a viable option to move from for Rubyists.

Several years ago, Ruby was hot. Now it's mature. Many corporations have invested in Ruby, so they're not going to adopt another stack.

Most frameworks can solve most problems, so people only move when you're in the minority case where you need the capabilities of the new language.

A lot of people stick around because they love the language and the community as well.

What does Ruby give us that we want to take with us into the future?

[19:10] Date Night with Ruby

Ruberto is speaking at Ruby Dev Summit about Date Night with Ruby.

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