237 RR Rails + JavaScript + Functional Programming with Brad Urani

Episode 243 · December 9th, 2015 · 57 mins 2 secs

About this Episode

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02:32 - Brad Urani Introduction

04:01 - Immutable/Persistent Data Structures; Advantages

07:30 - Tools for Debugging

08:23 - Why do Rubyists care about things like Elm?

09:39 - Persistent Data Structure Use Cases; Functional Programming

12:07 - Testability

13:51 - Where does “functional play a role in a typical CRUD app?

Active Record,

22:49 - Coworker Receptiveness of Ruby + JavaScript Style of Programming

  • Codebase Inconsistency?
  • “Merit”

26:41 - Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) vs Monolithic Applications

30:21 - Monoliths as a Necessary Stage in the Development of a Mature Application

33:23 - The Repository Pattern; Terminology & Naming

37:40 - Structured Query Language (SQL)


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